James E. Pierce Scholarship Program
Background:  In the Spring of 2010, the Knights of Fr. A. Leo Abendschoen Council held a
Roundtable with the pastors from the Church of the Annunciation (Fr. Tom Walsh), and St. Clement
Mary Hofbauer, (Fr. Donald Gzymski).   The purpose of a Roundtable discussion is to ask the
pastors “What can we do for you?”  Fr. Donald had a small list of things; Fr. Tom asked for just one
thing – “I wish you could do something to encourage the Annunciation parishioners to send their
children to St. Clement’s School.”  

The Council discussed the issue at the next General Business Meeting, and since the deciding
factor in whether a parent sends their child to a private school or to a public school is usually
money, it was decided to establish a scholarship program that would provide financial assistance to
any parishioner from Annunciation who wanted to send their child/children to St. Clement’s School.   
The scholarship program was initially named in honor of Annunciation’s founding pastor, Fr. A. Leo
Abendschoen.   Two years later, when one of our hardest working volunteers and a Past Grand
Knight of our Council, James E. Pierce, Jr., suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, the Council
voted to re-name the scholarship program in his honor.

The James E. Pierce, Jr. Memorial Scholarship fund awards one or more scholarships each year up
to a total of $3,000.00, depending on the number of applications, and meeting of the established
criteria.  Parishioners do not have to be poor and/or disadvantaged to receive these scholarships.

The Council funds the scholarships using proceeds or partial proceeds from a number of
fundraising efforts conducted throughout the year.
James E. Pierce, Jr, PGK